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What are the categories of toughening agents in the industry?

Issuing time:2015-09-10 09:45

What are the classifications of toughening agents in the industry

Toughening agent is the material that can increase the flexibility of adhesive film. Some thermosetting resin adhesives, such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester resin adhesive, have low elongation and high brittleness. When the adhesive part bears the external force, it is easy to produce cracks and expand rapidly, resulting in the cracking of the film, fatigue and cannot be used as a structural adhesive.

Toughening agents can be divided into rubber toughening agents and toughening agents.

(1) the main varieties of rubber toughening agents include liquid polysulfide rubber, liquid polybutadiene rubber, NBR, EPR and styrene butadiene rubber.

(2) thermoplastic elastomer thermoplastic elastomer is a kind of synthetic material that shows rubber elasticity at room temperature and plasticized at high temperature. Therefore, this kind of polymer has both the characteristics of rubber and thermoplastic, which can be used as a toughening agent for composite materials and as a matrix material for composite materials. These materials mainly include polyurethane, styrene, polyolefines, polyesters, gauge 1, 2- polybutadienes and polyamides. At present, more toughening agents used as composite materials are styrene and polyolefines.

(3) other toughening agents are suitable for other toughening agents of composite materials, such as low molecular polyamide and low molecular inactive toughening agent, such as benzene two formic acid ester. The inactive toughening agent can also be called plasticizer, which does not participate in the curing reaction of resin.

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