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How to distinguish PE wax and paraffin oil?

Issuing time:2018-06-06 09:54

How to distinguish PE wax and paraffin oil?

Paraffin oil, also known as crystalline wax, has a carbon atom of about 18~30 of hydrocarbon mixtures, mainly composed of direct alkanes (about 80% to 95%), and a small amount of alkanes with individual branched chains and mono cyclic naphthenic hydrocarbons with long side chains (under the total amount of less than 20%). Paraffin is a piece or needle like crystallization from the distilled oil distilled from the distilled oil of crude oil through solvent refining, solvent dewaxing, or wax freezing crystallization and squeezing dewaxing.

PE wax is polyethylene wax (PE-WAX), an ultra-low molecular weight polyethylene. Polythene wax is usually divided into four kinds: oligomer wax, cracking wax, polymerized wax and harmonic wax. The common production of polyethylene wax is oligomer wax, other cracking wax, polymerized wax and harmonic wax are mainly produced abroad. The properties of polymerized wax are theoretically analyzed better than cracking wax, and the specific use needs to see the compatibility of the products. It is mainly used to improve the fluidity of polyolefin plastics, improve the dispersion of filler and auxiliaries, and also be used as an internal lubricant for rubber and plastic materials.

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