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South Korea LG impact modifier can easily improve the toughness of products 4-15 times.

Issuing time:2018-06-06 09:55

South Korea LG impact modifier can easily improve the toughness of products 4-15 times.

Abbreviated name: MBS Impact modifier

English name of chemicals: MBS Impact modifier

Chinese name of chemicals: MBS impact modifier

Chinese common name: anti scouring modifier

Trademark name: LG

Supplier: LG Chem Ltd. (LG Chemistry)

Reaction mechanism: MBS is a new polymer material synthesized under the concept of particle design. It is made by graft polymerization of methyl methacrylate, butadiene, and styrene. The submicroscopic morphology has a typical nuclear shell structure, 1) core: the rubber spherical nucleus of the diameter 10-100nm (the main component is butadiene, absorption impact strength) 2) shell: Compatibility (MMA, methyl methacrylate, compatible with the matrix).

As the solubility parameter of methyl methacrylate is similar to that of PVC/PC, it plays the role of interface adhesive between PVC/PC resin and rubber particles, and forms the homogeneous phase in the process of mixing with PVC/PC. The rubber phase is distributed in the PVC/PC continuous medium with particle state, showing an island structure. This special structure gives the product excellent impact properties. When PVC or PC is added to 5%-10% MBS resin, the impact strength of the product can be increased by 4-15 times, and the cold resistance and processing fluidity of the products can also be improved.

Uses: 1. as toughening agent for PC, PC/PBT, PC/ABS alloy to improve its impact resistance.

2. improve the problem of yellowing by improving heat stabilizer

3. reduce odor

Shenzhen Kadide Plastics Products Co.,Ltd

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            Factory address: Zhangmu Shenzhen Zhangyang Plastic Industrial Park Technology Park.Dongguan

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