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PC/ABS alloy material should be dried before processing

Issuing time:2018-06-06 10:08

PC/ABS alloy material should be dried before processing

PC/ABS alloy is a kind of excellent engineering plastics. It is the blending and extrusion of PC and ABS to make PC/ABS alloy, which can synthesize the excellent properties of both. On the one hand, it can improve the heat resistance and tensile strength of ABS. On the other hand, it can reduce the viscosity of the melt of PC, improve the processing performance, reduce the sensitivity of the corresponding force and reduce the sensitivity of the corresponding force. Low cost. Therefore, PC/ABS alloy materials have been widely used in automobile, machinery, household appliances, computers, communication tools, office equipment and other industries.

PC/ABS alloy material can be injected or extruded and processed two times by traditional processing equipment, and injection molding is the most widely used. Due to the content of PC components and flame retardant, the small amount of water in PC/ABS alloy can easily lead to the hydrolysis of PC during the process of high temperature molding, and the partial degradation and small molecular precipitation caused by excessive heating, resulting in the appearance and strength problems of silver silk, yellow, color difference, product crisp and spray cracking. To control the relevant links.

PC/ABS alloy material will absorb moisture in air, with water content between 0.2~0.3%. In order to make the best effect of the injection products and reduce the possibility of degradation, the PC/ABS must be dried before the molding process, so that the water content of the material is reduced to less than 0.04%, and it is better to be below 0.02% to improve the processing stability and mechanical properties.

Normally, the PC/ABS alloy material is pre dried at 4~6 temperature for the recommended temperature, and the required moisture content can be achieved. The drying time is related to the drying equipment, but the longest cumulative drying time can not exceed 48 hours, otherwise the material may have the possibility of degradation and discoloration. There are three commonly used drying equipment: box dryer, hopper dryer and dehumidifier dryer. PC/ABS alloy material recommends dehumidification dryer to dry

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