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Solution of high light mirror surface for PC/ABS alloy

Issuing time:2018-06-06 10:14

Solution of high light mirror surface for PC/ABS alloy

PC/ABS high light mirror fabric is also an aspect of alloy modification, so how to do this, which additives can be effectively modified, the following is to introduce:

First, it should be noted that, whether it is a water mouth (this is the Cantonese custom, mainly refers to the products outside the gate and the forming of the channel, due to the consistency of the material, the unqualified products and the mouth after breaking the mouth of the water mouth material, popular saying is the excess edge of the plastic products on the edge of the corner material) or new particles to be clean, especially the material should be returned. Clean it up.

Second, to add a little lubricant brightener agent, can improve the processing fluidity, at the same time can improve the brightness, such as silicone powder, PETS lubricant and so on.

Third, if it is to do fire resistant material, some will add anti dropping agent, then drop agent to choose the coating type, the best is the MMA coated PTEE, the surface gloss will be helpful.

Fourth, injection molding temperature can be appropriately raised, fluidity will be better, the surface of PC/ABS alloy products will get better surface.

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