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Solution of PC LED light tube light diffusion effect

Issuing time:2018-06-06 10:16

Solution of PC LED light tube light diffusion effect

At present, energy saving and environment-friendly lamps are becoming more and more popular, the development of LED lamp shade material is also more and more people pay attention to, these lamps and lanterns material have PC (carbon), PMMA (acrylic), and so on, which additives can be used to achieve the LED lamp not to glare, but also to increase the brightness of the LED lamp? That is the light diffusion agent that you often say, this light diffuser, through the substrate, changes the direction of the light multiple times to refract many times, to achieve the softness of the light of the LED lamp. At the same time, it can also improve the inadequacy of the light in the past simply using the color powder to adjust the glare of the light, because the color powder will cover a lot of light in the base material and make it bright. The degree is darker than that of organic light diffusers.

Does any light diffuser do LED optical materials will not affect the brightness (transmittance)?

We can analyze this from the light diffusers currently used.

Classification of light diffuser

Light diffusers are mainly inorganic light diffusers and organic light diffusers.

The inorganic light diffuser mainly includes barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, silica and so on. These inorganic light diffuser, inorganic light diffuser are solid ball balls from the micro angle, the light can not pass through the solid sphere, it will affect the transmission of many light rays, only the partial light passes through the refraction, thus influence Brightness or transmittance. At present, the inorganic light diffuser can not be selected for making the lamp shade with the transmittance above 50%.

Organic light diffuser mainly consists of acrylic, styrene, acrylic resin. The resin itself is transparent or translucent, and the light beam can be passed through, using the refractive index of the light diffuser itself and the refractive index of the substrate. After multiple refraction, light becomes bright and soft through the base material. Moreover, it has little effect on the transmittance of materials, and is a good choice for making optical materials such as lamp chimney and lamp shade.

It can be seen from the above analysis that organic light diffuser is the first choice of light diffuser for lamp lampshade of PC, acrylic and other substrates. Because there are different types of optical diffuser, the material itself is different to the refractive index of light, so there will be different classification of PC lamp shade with light diffuser, PMMA lampshade with light diffuser and so on.

Why does organic light diffuser make LED lamp lampshade optical material do not affect too much brightness?

Now the machine light diffusion agent nano micro bead, the material itself light can be permeable, well solved the problem of smoothing and light transmittance, this kind of light diffusion agent is through the refractive index of the substrate and microbeads, through a number of light refraction, to achieve soft light effect, light transmission loss is less. This organic nanoparticle, a fine transparent sphere, is added to the PC, PMMA, PVC, and sealant, which can be evenly dispersed in the resin. The light penetrated through the glass sphere, refracted countless times in the vitreous body, and then penetrated. This intense light is refracted and dispersed evenly. The point light is turned into a surface light source, which expands the surface of the light, and makes the light soft, and can penetrate the glass sphere at the same time. So, the loss of light is very little, and it also plays the role of light absorption and light transmission.

In order to achieve the effect of light diffusion and haze, how should we choose optical diffusers for PC optical materials?

The selection of optical diffuser should be paid attention to in the following aspects

1. choose the multi component light diffuser. The multi component light diffusers are different in size, which can make the light more frequent and the haze better. The haze of single component light diffuser is not good with multi component light diffuser, but the single component light diffuser has good transmittance.

The refractive index of the 2. selected light diffuser material should be different from the refractive index of the substrate, but it does not differ too much. The general assembly leads to the occurrence of full reflection, but it can not reach the requirement of light diffusion.

3. to do high quality PC or PMMA optical materials, light diffusion is to choose a type of light diffusion agent, so that the light cover is serious and can not reach high transmittance, which will affect the actual needs.

We have a special light diffusion agent and PC modifier used in PC lamp shade or PC light diffusion plate. These 2 products can solve the light diffusion effect of PC optical material well, at the same time, the light transmittance is well adjusted by adding quantity, and the soft PC light diffuser, which is often said by everyone, is often said.

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