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PC or PC/ABS appliance shell burst solution

Issuing time:2013-09-12 10:22

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PC or PC/ABS appliance shell burst solution

Cause analysis:

The PC or PC/ABS alloy has a benzene ring structure, which is not well treated during the heating process and forming process. The internal stress warp will occur, especially the recovery of PC or PC/ABS alloy, and the performance of the shell burst is more obvious. PC material is reprocessed for many times. Molecular links are broken by many processes. There is a good link between the molecules and no raw materials. Long time placement or chemical reagents will cause cracking.


Improve compatibility of PC or PC/ABS alloy material with other materials, then add additives (such as plastic toughening agent) or raw materials that can improve impact properties. We add a compatible toughening agent, such as polypolymer graft, and compatible toughening agent of the nuclear shell structure, such as the PC cold resistant toughening agent introduced by the company. The product is characterized by increasing the compatibility of PC or PC/ABS alloy, while the product has multiple polymers with excellent compatibility and toughening properties. Our PC cold resistant toughening agent is a three core polymer with a core shell structure, which can effectively improve the compatibility and impact fatigue resistance of PC and PC/ABS alloys.

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