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Effect of injection temperature on the coarsening properties of PC/ABS alloy

Issuing time:2017-10-19 10:23

Effect of injection temperature on the coarsening properties of PC/ABS alloy

The effect of injection temperature on the coarsening performance of PC/ABS alloy material. Under the condition of the same injection speed, pressure (medium speed medium pressure) and mould temperature (80 degrees C), the PC/ABS alloy used the three temperature conditions (230, 250, 270) to injection the high light plate. The SEM can be seen from the coarsening of the PC/ABS alloy. The injection temperature is 230. At the temperature, the holes on the surface of the coarsening plate are uneven, while the injection temperature is 250 and 270 degrees, the holes on the coarsening plate are even. This may be that at 230 C, the fluidity of the PC/ABS alloy is too poor, the injection molded samples have greater internal stress and stress release during the coarsening process, which leads to the uneven etching of the sample. Therefore, in injection molding, we must pay more attention to the effect of injection temperature on the coarsening properties of PC/ABS alloy.

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