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How to improve the injection molding toughness of PC/ABS regenerator

Issuing time:2018-06-06 10:30

How to improve the injection molding toughness of PC/ABS regenerator

PC/ABS regenerative material injection molding toughness is because the number of regeneration of PC/ABS regenerated material is too many times, resulting in poor toughness, which can be added to a certain amount of raw material according to a certain proportion, so that the toughness can be increased, the cost is reduced, and the recycled materials are also used. ABS is also a kind of good toughness material, if the product toughness is not good or very brittle can increase the amount of ABS, ABS+PC is the king of plastic, toughness, rigidity is very good material.

In the production of the normal temperature can be used to add ABS toughening agent (Korean LG high glue powder) for toughening, generally around 3%-5%, the number of PC/ABS alloy recycled too many of the production of the product is not very good, it is best to be able to pelleting with the PC+ABS toughening agent.

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