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How to solve the problem of PC/ABS alloy cracking

Issuing time:2012-09-14 10:36

How to solve the problem of PC/ABS alloy cracking

In the plastic industry, PC/ABS alloy material will crack because of environmental problems, so in view of the cracking of PC/ABS alloy, CAD gives you the most pertinent suggestion: PC/ABS alloy material will be cracked under different air conditions.

There are many kinds of cracking of PC/ABS alloy, and it may also be the reason why the weather is suddenly cold and the low temperature range suitable for the material. It is also possible that the material is impure, which is determined in specific circumstances.

The general situation of PC/ABS alloy cracking is that:

1, PC material is not enough.

2. Plasticizing unevenness when extruding and making PC/ABS alloy material, that is, the temperature is not well controlled.

3. Some people use the mixture directly to make plastic alloy by plastic injection molding machine. Because of the insufficient plasticization of the injection molding machine, the quality of the alloy material is poor and the quality of the final product is poor.

Now high-grade electrical appliances, electronic products shell, auto parts and so on all use PC/ABS alloy material.

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