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How to distinguish PC/ABS alloy from PC by combustion?

Issuing time:2018-06-06 11:02

How to distinguish PC/ABS alloy from PC by combustion?

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The appearance of plastic materials is granular, except for different colors. It is almost the same at first sight. It is difficult to distinguish which kind of plastic is. If we use open fire to judge, it will be very helpful to distinguish.

The PC/ABS alloy material burns the same smell as PC, but burns faster than PC and has black smoke.

PP burns at the same level as the petrol station. The flame yellow is bluish and combustible.

PC is a bit sour (Fig flavor) when burning, and it will start in the burning place (horns), black smoke, not easy to ignite, and go out (about three seconds after it goes out).

PA burns with the same smell as burning hair and nails. Under the flame, the yellow and tiny smoke on the blue, as a result of V2 flame retardant, usually extinguishes automatically after leaving the fire source for about 30 seconds.

POM is odorous when burning, which is similar to that of septic tanks.

PBT and PET are the same, for a long time

ABS is easy to burn, with lots of black smoke and aromatic smell.

All of the above are pure materials. If the filler is added or the mixture is different, the flame retardant will be extinguished automatically, the V0 level is extinguished in 3 seconds, some are out of fire, and the V1 and V2 are extinguished in 30 seconds, but the V1 level is not allowed to have the drop of the flame with the fire.

If the filler is added, it is usually verified by drawing method. Pure material can pull out long silk, and the more filling material is, the harder it is to draw.

Ha ha, five years of experience in the plastic industry, please give us more guidance. I haven't been in touch with you for many years. Please correct me if there are any mistakes.

PC is very smelly when burning. When burning, it is golden yellow. When ABS is burning, the smoke is very dark and a lot of ash. The fire is relatively large. The mouth after burning is very dry and has bubbles.

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