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  • Flexibilizer
    PC Flexibilizer
    PS Flexibilizer
    PP Flexibilizer
    PE Flexibilizer
    PA Flexibilizer
    PET Flexibilizer
    PBT Flexibilizer
    POE Flexiblizer
    ABS Flexibilizer
    HIPS Flexibilizer
  • Color Masterbatch
    Black Masterbatch
    White Masterbatch
    Other Color Masterbatch
    Titanium white powder
  • Filling Masterbatch
    Caco3 Masterbatch
    Carbonate masterbatch
    Barium carbonate masterbatch
    ABS Special Caco3 Masterbatch
    Transparent Filling masterbatch
    Talcum powder
  • Other Functional Modifier Masterbatch
    Brightener agent
    Opening agent
    Electrostatic agent
All round plastic material modification expert Kadide corporate culture:
Corporate vision: providing opportunities for our customers, employees and business partners to create and realize their dreams.
The spirit of enterprise: a grateful heart, honest man, steadfast work, hard work, pioneering and innovation. The purpose of the enterprise is to pursue the responsibility of developing the world with good faith: to pursue the high goal, to bear the wrong information and courage, to be honest and not to avoid the problem, to make difficult decisions, to regard the improvement of the situation as his duty, to abide by the social ethics and business ethics. Honest team work: focus on the common goals of the team, have the overall thinking, use facts and reasonable arguments to influence and persuade the team members to separate the judgment of the facts from the opinions of the people (the right things are wrong). Break the barriers between the team, functional departments and all strata, and establish good communication relationship. The concept of specialization and value innovation: sharing management functions, technical knowledge and professional skills, having an never tired learning attitude and enterprising spirit, keeping innovation, focusing on creating value for customers, thinking of the possibility of value innovation from solutions, products, knowledge platforms, customers and other levels.

Shenzhen Kadide Plastics Products Co.,Ltd

        Company address: No. 102, M16 building, Hua Nan Cheng chemical industry zone, Pinghu Town, Shenzhen.
            Factory address: Zhangmu Shenzhen Zhangyang Plastic Industrial Park Technology Park.Dongguan

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